At The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Members’ Meeting held this week, the following individuals were elected to the ASF Board of Directors:
 - Rich Bowen
 - Shane Curcuru
 - Bertrand Delacretaz
 - Isabel Drost-Fromm
 - Ted Dunning
 - Brett Porter
 - Roman Shaposhnik
 - Phil Steitz
 - Mark Thomas
The ASF thanks Chris Mattmann and Jim Jagielski who chose not to stand for re-election this year. The Foundation thanks them for their service, and lauds Jagielski's service as a member of the ASF Board for the past 19 years.
An overview of the ASF's governance, along with the complete list of ASF Board of Directors, Executive Officers, and Project/Committee Vice Presidents, can be found at
For more information on the Foundation's operations and structure, see
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