Another year has raced by and as most of us are getting ready to spend some time with our families we thought we would give you a quick update on what has been happening with the Apache Flex project over the last quarter. As always, if you want to get the gory details you are more than welcome to join our mailing lists (we have one for developers using the SDK known the "users" list and one for developers working on the SDK known as the "developers" list). If you feel that you've found an issue or bug please submit it to our JIRA system at so we can properly track it (often times people leave bug or issue requests in our blog comments -- and don't give complete information on what is wrong or how we can get ahold of them -- JIRA is the way to go).


Activity in Apache Flex continues to be in two main areas: improvements to the existing Adobe Flash Platform-dependent code base, including the releases listed above, and prototyping ways to create a version of Flex that is independent from the Adobe Flash Platform. There is another group working on Maven-related tools for the existing code base.

In the past three months we've seen:

  • Lots of people submitting issues and bugs via JIRA. This is great as it is showing us what we need to fix. The committers and community have been working diligently to close bugs as they come in.
  • We've seen a large increase in community involvement in submitting patches. We've promoted quite a few of these people to be full committers to the project as a result.
  • Web and social media traffic has been very consistent since we've been tracking it. Web traffic spikes when we make a new release (yeah!) and returns to a normal pace after a few days. We still need to work on better social media presence to help make more people aware of the benefits of Flex moving from Adobe to Apache.

Other highlights:

  • Over 60 bugs were fixed in 4.11.0.
  • There were more than 5,000 installs of 4.11.0 since its release.
  • The upcoming JavaScript version of Flex is likely to be called FlexJS. We are still waiting on some trademark approvals, but the project is getting more and more stable every day.


  • Stephan Plath added as committer on 11/17/13.
  • Cosma Colanicchia added as committer on 10/17/13.
  • Tom Chiverton added as a committer on 9/30/13.
  • Maurice Amsellem added as a committer on 9/28/13.
  • Darrell Loverin added as a committer on 9/13/13.
  • Maurice Amsellem promoted from committer to PMC on 11/9/13.
  • Latest analytics showed over 3,000 hits per day on the website during the workweek (slightly less on weekends).