The logo contest was a major milestone for our project. The community and PPMC members came together and voted on a logo, and were in-sync for the entire ride. The community and PPMC members both chose Adrian's (#42), via Tomasz Maciag with Fuse Collective, and Julien's (#49) design as the top choices in the first round. This was a clear sign that the community and PPMC are in-sync. This contest has shown how thriving and active this community is, and suggests it will continue to be. Not only has this contest been evidence of the cohesion of the community as a unit, but the sheer amount of topics and active community members engaging in these discussions have made this a great project to be a part of.

There a lot of awesome discussions going on, and some of those discussions are even a little bit difficult, but they are still incredibly productive. You can view the discussions on the flex-dev mailing list archives. While Adrian's design came out on top in the final round, Julien's took the number one spot with the community for the first round. A very good accomplishment, I must say. Congratulations!

The total number of submissions we received was astonishing. The contest received a total of 54 submissions. While some designers submitted multiple logo's, most of the submissions were from unique individuals.

In the first round of voting we, received a total of 129 unique votes, with 22 of those from PPMC members. The voting process was to distribute up to 5 points between at least 2 logos. In the first round, Julien's design received a total of 106.5 points, and Adrian's design received a total of 99.5 points, with third place taken by Alberto Garcia Ruiz (#40) with 65 points. The PPMC members gave 31 points to Adrian's, and 23 points to Julien's. The complete stats for the first round can be found here.

In the second round of voting, we received a total of 126 unique votes, with 21 of those from PPMC members. In this round, it was a simple +1 vote for the logo of choice. Adrian's design came out on top in the second round with a total of 77 votes, while Julien's design had 49 votes. The PPMC members also favored Adrian's design with 16 votes, while Julien's design received 5 votes from PPMC members. The complete stats for the second, and final, round of voting can be found here. You can also find this on the contest page here.

Now that the contest has wrapped up, the next step is to potentially make some small tweaks to the logo. Some discussion has been made regarding the color of the logo, and even the placement of the word "apache" in the logo. If you subscribe to the flex-dev mailing list, you can follow along as these developments unfold.

These are some exciting times for Apache Flex, and I look forward to being a part of this project. In addition, everyone involved should be proud and excited to be part of this project and its future.