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The Apache Flex team is pleased to announce the availability of the Apache Flex SDK Installer 2.5.4 release. The source distributions and installer binaries can be downloaded here:

*About the Apache Flex SDK Installer* The Apache Flex SDK Installer AIR application provides an easy, single-click installation of the Apache Flex SDK and all its dependencies. This will make it suitable for working with IDEs such as Adobe Flash Builder, FDT, IntelliJ IDEA, FlashDevelop, etc. This tool is intended to allow end users to start building their Apache Flex application within minutes. This also lets you seamlessly transition from older SDKs to the latest Apache Flex SDK release.

The application downloads the following:

- Apache Flex SDK
- The AIR SDK (Windows vs. Mac) based on the current platform
- Adobe Flash Player playerglobal.swc
- SwfObject
- Open Source Media Framework (OSMF)
- Adobe Text Layout Format (TLF)

Optionally, the application will download these files if the user wants:

- Adobe BlazeDS
- Adobe Embedded Font Support

The application ships with an auto-update functionality that will prompt the users to upgrade to the latest version when a new release is made available.

We have made available an installer badge at http://flex.apache.org/download-utilities.html. If you have a blog or a website, you can copy-paste the html code snippet which will help more and more end users to very easily get access to the Apache Flex SDK. They will be able to get setup and start coding within minutes.