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Vote on release of Apache CouchDB 1.6.0 rc.5 (will be released as Apache CouchDB 1.6.0 — see thread)

The vote passed.

Limiting view access (see thread)

Use case: sharing docs between users with different roles and according access. Goal is to make sure via adding according CouchDB settings that no user can see who the other users of the doc are.

Answer: Natively, CouchDB doesn’t provide this functionality. Thus, the canonical answer is to use a proxy in front of CouchDB that can limit access to certain URLs, or to deploy a middleware layer written in your favourite language that can broker the access.

CouchDB minimum revs_limit and Compaction (see thread)

Use case: limiting the number of revisions stored for a specific document in a database. Setup: setting the revs_limit to a specific number and then running the compaction. This did not work, the number of revisions could not be limited this way, and the enquirer asked why.

Answer: _revs_limit does not do what one may think it does, – CouchDB is not a revision control system. After completion only the latest revision of each document is preserved. _revs_limit refers only to how many old _rev values are retained. Lowering this value will save some storage but can also make replication less efficient as a failure to find a common ancestor will cause CouchDB to copy the document afresh.

Releases in the CouchDB Universe

Special topic: Content Management Systems based on CouchDB

  • Kleks – a pure CouchDB based CMS written as a CouchApp using Kanso,
    Spine.js, CoffeeScript and Stylus. Supports multi-site setup and
    Markdown authoring
  • Couchpress – a super lightweight and modular CMS built on NodeJS, Express and CouchDB
  • CMS – a Content Management System written with Ruby on Rails and CouchDB
  • Cmtool – a rails 3.2+ CMS as engine for a CouchDB backend
  • CCMS – a Backend-free, client-side JavaScript and CouchDB based CMS
  • Falkland CMS (Website) – a Curation Management System written in Clojure, ClojureScript and CouchDB


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