Weekly CouchDB meeting – summary

  • 1.6.0 release: no new issues were found during voting on CouchDB 1.6.0 rc5
  • BigCouch merge: significant progress has been made. Everyone is still encouraged to continue helping with building and testing COUCHDB-1843 branch. Further items for discussions will be sent to the mailing list.
  • CouchDB Meetup Hamburg: the CouchDB user group in Hamburg has its own Google Plus Community and will have their next meetup will be on June 10, 2014.

Major Discussions

Running views return nothing with CouchDB 1.5.1 (ongoing discussion; see thread)

Setup: code that creates database, documents and design documents with views and lists. When views are run, nothing is returned under CouchDB 1.5.1. When the same code is run against another CouchDB server (CouchDB 1.5.0), all views return the right responses and results.

Approach: the problem described here could be an error from a library not found while running an external process (CouchJS in this case). It turned out libmozjs.so was either not installed or not in a path searched by the dynamic linker. Once it is added, it should be ensured that CouchJS can be run, afterwards, CouchDB should be able to build the views without restarting CouchDB.

Discussion: Project by-laws (ongoing discussion; see thread)

The discussion about the by-laws is still ongoing, more updates have been made. They can be found here, your feedback is still very welcome.

Release Apache CouchDB 1.6.0 rc5 (see thread)

The testing and voting for all systems is still in progress.

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  • Here's a list of beginner tickets around our currently ongoing Fauxton-implementation. If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact us in the couchdb-dev IRC room (#couchdb-dev) – Garren (garren) and Sue (deathbear) are happy to help.

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