Videos from CouchDB Conf are now available.

CouchDB everywhere with PouchDB
Dale Harvey, Mozilla
PouchDB is CouchDB written in JavaScript, that means it runs everywhere, I mean everywhere. Find out about why this changes everything for CouchDB and app developers, as well as the latest updates and status of the project.

CouchDB Writ Large
Mike Miller, Cloudant
In this talk, Mike Miller describes how CouchDB fits into Cloudant's software stack as one of many open source projects the company uses to run distributed database clusters around the world.

Replication, FTW!
Benjamin Young, Cloudant
Jan's "call to arms" earlier this year made replication the central focus of Apache CouchDB. Replication is the feature that makes CouchDB so distinctive in any marketplace (open or otherwise) and sets it apart from the NoSQL pack. We'll take a look at the various replicating databases, how we can extend the reach of replication, and how we can help others find their way into this world of JSON juggling.

10 Common Misconceptions about CouchDB
Joan Touzet, Atypical
I've consulted with hundreds of people who use CouchDB, and the same sorts of questions keep coming up. Come to this talk if you want to know more about the kinds of mistakes many users make when thinking about how to use the database in their application. I'll talk a bit about the "rough edges" of CouchDB, and how to work them to your advantage.

Experiences using CouchDB inside Microsoft's Windows Azure team
Will Perry and Brian Benz
Will Perry, a developer on the Windows Azure team, is part of a small team at Microsoft that has been using CouchDB extensively on an internal project. In this talk, he'll share motivation for using CouchDB, experiences using and running CouchDB in Azure, design and architectural patterns the team used and a quick run-down of some of the things they love and struggle with on a team more used to relational SQL DBs.

Deep Dive into a Shallow Write Pool
Jason Johnson, IBM SoftLayer
When storing data safely, disk I/O is almost always a major bottleneck. In this talk, we'll examine some of CouchDB's write patterns and explore how we can tune underlying storage media to complement those patterns.

Say Hello to Fauxton, the New Web Dashboard for CouchDB
Russell Branca, Cloudant
In this talk, Cloudant Engineer Russell Branca discusses the new Web dashboard that will soon be released for Apache CouchDB.

Making CouchDB Plugins
Jason Smith, Nodejitsu
CouchDB now has plugin support! This talk explains the design of the plugin system and demonstrates extending CouchDB by building example plugins. From "my first Erlang project" to major CouchDB changes, plugins have something for everybody.

Personal Web Apps
Nathan Vander Wilt, freelance product developer
CouchDB is great at keeping track of all sorts of personal data — everything from notes and contacts, to sharing a live stream of photos from a balloon 250 feet above a construction site. I'll demo of some of the more interesting apps I've been building for my "personal cloud" and talk about the CouchDB features which make them easy. We'll also explore what CouchDB *doesn't* do and how to get those things done anyway.

How CouchDB is powering the next-generation cloud storage
Sascha Reuter, doctape / GmbH
This talk will give you an overview on how we leverage CouchDB to be the heart of our cloud-storage service. It will cover a whole bunch of fascinating real-life experiences, as well as some nifty tricks on how to unleash CouchDB's full potential in production. I'll show off how the mighty changes-stream helps us interconnecting different components of our service, as well as pushing realtime UI updates & notifications to our users. I'll also tell you about things to avoid, to guarantee full performance, data consistency and high availability in production. To the end, I'll show off how we use CouchDB even as our global queue for processing & conversion jobs and why this is actually a pretty good idea.

Open Data with Couch, Pouch, and Cloudant: Liberating the Laws of Massachusetts
Calvin Metcalf
As a member of Code for Boston, the Boston Code for America Brigade I scrapped the complete laws of Massachusetts to JSON, put them into a CouchDB database on Cloudant, and then used Cloudant to implement full-text search and PouchDB to make a demo app for people to browse the laws. Learn how couch can help distribute open data when that data is too big to just dump into github.

War stories from
Charlie Robbins & Jason Smith, Nodejitsu
Q&A with Nodejitsu and, the package manager for the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform — running CouchDB on the back end.

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