The biggest benefit of ApacheCon is getting together with the members of your community. While much of this is social, it's also an opportunity to collaborate in person on the code.

We will have a open collaboration space, with network and power, and tables for your project to gather around to work. Signs will be available to indicate what project you're working on, so that people will know which table to join. 

Having a clear set of objectives is key to getting everyone focused around the same thing, and is also a great way to attract new members to your community. When they can see what you'll be working on, and give it some thought ahead of time, new community members feel more welcome to participate once they get there. 

To this end, we encourage you to talk about this in your community, and then add your thoughts to the public etherpad  so that we can help you promote your project's objectives. This further encourages cross pollination between projects, as we start to see what one another is working on.