CEO and Founder of CoderBunnyz, CoderMindz

At ApacheCon North America keynote speaker Samaira Mehta, CEO and founder of CoderBunnyz and CoderMindz her keynote, “Yes, You Could Help Build the Next Disruptor!!, as well as the Hackathon, “Yes, 1 Billion Kids Can Code”. You can listen to Samaira’s full interview on our Apache Feathercast podcast here: To learn more about Samaira’s keynote and hackathon and ApacheCon North America, see the links below.

Q: Tell us about yourself and what you do.

A: I'm 11 years old and I am the CEO and founder of CoderBunnyz and CoderMindz, both board games intended to teach kids the concepts of computer programming and artificial intelligence in a fun, exciting way.

I've started an initiative called “Yes, One Billion Kids Can Code” with the goal of making coding and stem tools accessible in every corner of the world. To achieve this goal, I have been doing workshops such as the hackathon that I will be doing at ApacheCon as well as connecting with companies and organizations in every corner of the world. 

Q: What can attendees look forward to at your keynote and the hackathon?

A: I'll be giving my keynote on September 11 at 9 a.m. where I'm focusing on how everyone can nurture the next disruptor. I will be using interactive ways to prove that we have all grown very accustomed to technologies, but I like to try to remind people that technology is not the future - we people are. 

That same day, at 11 a.m., I will be doing a CoderBunnyz workshop and hackathon. It is a “Yes, One Billion Kids Can Code” workshop and hackathon. It's one of the workshops targeted towards getting my one billion kids initiative, making it all possible.

Q: What key takeaways can attendees learn from your presentation?

A: My main goal for my talk is to prove that everyone can create and build the next disruptor. I will talk about the superpowers that we have and how kids need the guidance and support of the ApacheCon audience. My goal is to encourage them to help create the next disrupter, help create the next child who creates something big, and be their mentor to help them follow their passions and dreams.

I’m excited for both the keynote and the hackathon. I'm looking forward to meeting so many amazing bright minds and learning from them as well as seeing how they can help me with my Billion Kids mission.

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