The ApacheCon planners and the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) are pleased to announce the release of the schedule for ApacheCon@Home 2021, which will be held online September 21-23, 2021. Once again this year, this world-class event will feature content from dozens of our projects, as well as content about community, how the ASF works, business models around Apache software, the legal aspects of open source, and many other topics.

The changes to the world over the last year really helped the Apache Software Foundation take a good, strong look at what it means to be a community of individuals striving to create software for the public good. We have set aside the notion of local and global meetups for now, but we will still come together and share what we know with our fellow ASF members and the world.

That is what ApacheCon@Home is all about: a chance to share the innovation, knowledge, and sense of community the ASF has. This free online conference welcomes anyone with an interest to learn about the many projects and technologies the ASF stewards, including:

  • Big data

  • Fineract and fintech

  • Integration

  • Internet of things

  • API and microservice

  • Cassandra

  • Community

  • Content delivery

... and many more! We invite you to take a look at the schedule and then register for the conference! Registration is free (though donations are welcome), so we invite you to come watch our amazing sessions, join the hallway track conversations, and meet experts from around the world!

See you soon!