Call for Presentations for ApacheCon Asia 2022 now open


The ApacheCon Planners and the Apache Software Foundation are pleased to announce that ApacheCon Asia will be held online, July 29th through 31st, 2021. Once again, we’ll be featuring content from dozens of our projects, as well as content about our community, how Apache works, business models around Apache software, the legal aspects of open source, and many other topics.


For the second time, we hold the ApacheCon online conference targeting the Asia pacific time zone to serve the fast growing Apache users and contributors in this emerging region. The Call for Presentations is now open to presenters from around the world until May 31st. Talks can be focused on the topics above, as well as any of our amazing projects! Submit your talks today


We look forward to reviewing your contribution to one of the most popular open source software events in the world!

2022年ApacheCon Asia 演讲征集活动正式启动


ApacheCon 组委会以及Apache 软件基金会很高兴地宣布,ApacheCon Asia 大会将于2022 年 7 月 29 日至 31 日在线举行。我们将再次展示来自基金会的几十个项目相关的内容,以及关于我们的社区、Apache 如何运作、围绕Apache 软件的商业模式、开源的法律问题以及其他许多主题的内容。

这是我们第二次针对亚太地区时区举办 ApacheCon 在线会议, 用以服务于这个新兴地区快速增长的 Apache 用户和贡献者。演讲稿的征集已经开始,截止到 5 月 31日,世界各地的演讲者都可以参加。演讲内容可以集中在上述主题上,也可以是我们的任何一个令人惊艳的 Apache 项目。今天就提交你的演讲吧!