At ApacheCon North America, Felix Cheung, member of the Project Management Committee (PMC) for Apache Spark, Zeppelin, and Incubator, will be leading the Big Data, Machine Learning and Streaming tracks. Below is what to expect from the Machine Learning Track. Also, be sure to check out Felix’s full podcast interview on our Machine Learning Track Feathercast. Plus, find the full series of ApacheCon Q&As and Feathercasts interviews with Felix and other track leaders below along with helpful links..

Q: Tell us about the Machine Learning Track?

A: We have two tracks on machine learning focused on platform innovations and deep learning. We have several new projects and some of these are incubating projects like TVM, MXNet, and Project Submarine, which is part of Hadoop.

Another exciting feature that’s part of the Machine Learning Track is Apache MXNet. This project is incubating right now under the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) but has grown and evolved over the last couple of years. I am excited to have a homegrown project from Seattle, where I’m located, grow to become a worldwide project. One thing MXNet is doing is providing another approach to observing deep learning and our track will offer several related presentations about this topic.

Apache TVM provides a way to bring the machine learning model and have it optimized for a different hardware type. For example, GPU and FPGA, are some of the accelerated hardware that can be run on Apache TVM using deep learning. We have world-renowned speaker, Tianqi Chen, who is the brain behind TVM, MXNet, and XGBoost. He created all these projects and we are excited to have him present at our ApacheCon Machine Learning Track.

 Q: What makes this a must-attend track?

A: The Machine Learning Track will focus on all aspects of machine learning and deep learning frameworks. We will explore how it runs on top of the big data ecosystem using Hadoop and how it seamlessly integrates with these frameworks. For example, we will look at how to integrate it with the data source and have it run on Hadoop Submarine and also other projects, like Apache Zeppelin, while remaining interactive and effective. I encourage everyone to check out the Machine Learning Track at ApacheCon for more information about these concepts.

I'm looking forward to there machine learning presentations. This is an area that is growing and evolving quickly and I'm happy to see there's more attention given to this area. I definitely suggest checking out ApacheCon and coming out to learn about these innovations.

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