Some ApacheCon sponsors and members of the greater Apache community have reported that they have been contacted by a company called Global Expo Travel that is alleging to be affiliated with ApacheCon.
They are claiming to be "handling the travel" for ApacheCon North America.
This statement is 100% false. We do not know anyone at Global Expo Travel and have not contracted this company to conduct any business on behalf of ApacheCon or The Apache Software Foundation in any capacity.
We will not tolerate spoofing or related fraudulent activity in any form.
In the event that you have received any telephone calls or emails from any organization other than the ASF (from or the ApacheCon conference producers
  • Virtual Inc. for ApacheCon North America
  • New Thinking/Plain Schwartz for ApacheCon Europe
... please notify us at planners(at)apachecon(dot)com. If available, please include the originating telephone number and/or full email headers and any message(s) if possible.
Any ApacheCon sponsor needing assistance is welcome to contact their respective Event Sponsor Ambassador, namely, Daniel Ruggeri for ApacheCon North America, and Sharan Foga for ApacheCon Europe.
We appreciate your vigilance and cooperation in helping keep our community protected from deceitful practices and malicious entities. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and Berlin.
—ApacheCon Planners