The Apache CloudStack Community is an ever-growing and rapidly-developed community of people all around the globe committed to open-source technology. We are a welcoming society for new contributors and people keen on technology. This blog series will present you with recent CloudStack Committers and PMC members. Learn more about our tech society!

Meet David Jumani - a Software Engineer and a Committer to the Apache CloudStack Project. David studied Computer Science and Engineering, and after graduation, he worked at some of the biggest virtualization and networking companies (such as VMware, Cisco and General Electric) developing cloud and on-premise applications, such as an incident co-relation engine (from which relationships can be drawn from monitoring events). He is based in India, was a national rugby player, dislikes coffee and enjoys trekking and going on long rides.

Introduce yourself with a few words?

Tall, smart, handsome. Love sports, adventures and am ready to take up any challenge that comes my way. Enjoy deconstructing problems, automating tasks, optimizing solutions and making life just a bit better today than it was yesterday!

Tell us your story in one Tweet.

"Hello World". Two simple words inspired me and forged the path to where I am today. With just a few lines of code, I can create something that thinks, serves a purpose and makes people's lives better!

When did you start your CloudStack journey?

I started my journey in 2020 when I had joined ShapeBlue as a Software Engineer.

Who was your mentor during your CloudStack journey?

I think he was pretty much everybody's mentor - Rohit Yadav!


Which was the latest feature on which you contributed or what was your last commitment to the CloudStack project?

The support for autoscaling CloudStack Kubernetes Clusters. It allows the cluster to dynamically scale its worker nodes based on workloads and administrative requirements without user intervention, the way Kubernetes is meant to!


Why do people need to choose open-source technology?

Free obviously, since everybody loves free stuff. Jokes aside, it has a wide community of like-minded people who decide the direction of the project and want the project to succeed. Additionally, open-source is completely transparent so you know exactly what you're choosing and why.

Find David Jumani on Github: