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The European CloudStack Community is counting down the days until CloudStack European User Group 2023. The event will be taking place in London, in the Gandhi Room at Cifas, Tavistock Square, 7-12 Lynton House, London, WC1H 9LT.

Join technical talks, user stories, new features, integrations presentations and more!

Become part of the CSEUG on May 4th, 2023!



12:00 - 12:15 - Welcome, Giles Sirett, Chairman, CloudStack European User Group

12:15 - 12:45 - What’s new at CloudStack 4.18, Giles Sirett

12:55 - 13:25 - CloudStack Monitoring, Lucian Burlacu, ShapeBlue

13:35 - 14:05 - News about LINBIT SDS & CloudStack, Philipp Reisner, LINBIT

14:05 - 14:30 - Coffee Break

14:30 - 15:00 - Re-using old hardware, thus saving money and the environment, Wido den Hollander, Your.Online

15:10- 15:40 - Network Service Chaining in Core and Edge Zones, Alexandre Mattioli, ShapeBlue

15:50 - 16:20 - A proposal - make changes in Apache CloudStack faster and low risk with vendor CI systems, Alex Ivanov, Niki Tenev, StorPool

16:30 - 17:00 - Dimsi and Backroll : What’s new/next release, Pierre Charton, Pierre de La Ville and Ousmane Diarra, Dimsi


Meet the Speakers:

Giles Sirett 

Giles is a committer, PMC member of the Apache CloudStack project and Chairman of the European CloudStack User Group. He is also CEO & founder of ShapeBlue, the leading independent CloudStack integrator & consultancy. He has worked with many high-profile organisations, helping them strategise, design and implement CloudStack based clouds. Giles is an active contributor to the Apache CloudStack project and has spoken at all CloudStack Collaboration conferences, Linuxcon, and other events.

Lucian Burlacu

Lucian is a long-time sysadmin and Apache Cloustack user and contributor. He has a background in hosting, virtualisation and datacentre operations, but is now working full time on CloudStack.

Phillip Reisner

Philipp Reisner is founder and CEO of LINBIT in Vienna/Austria. His professional career has been dominated by developing DRBD, a storage replication for Linux. Today he leads a company of about 30 employees with locations in Vienna, Austria and Portland, Oregon.

Wido den Hollander

Wido den Hollander is the CTO at Wido has been a part of the CloudStack community since 2012. Ever since he has contributed various parts of code like Ceph/RBD, IPv6, KVM and many other parts.

Alexandre Mattioli

Alexandre Mattioli is a highly experienced Infrastructure Architect who has been working with Apache Cloudstack since 2015, he has designed, built and operated one of the largest ACS clouds in existence and led a team to design and productise many diverse solutions on top of ACS. He's currently a Cloud Architect at ShapeBlue.

Alex Ivanov

Alex Ivanov is the Product Lead at StorPool Storage and is responsible for the product strategy and tactics at the company. He has experience in the storage market and a deep understanding of the needs and priorities of businesses managing large-scale clouds to run diverse, mission-critical workloads. At StorPool, he works closely with the team to evolve the StorPool primary storage platform and expand its capabilities and usefulness for various use cases. His goal - ensure StorPool cost-effectively delivers above and beyond what is possible with other primary storage products to help customers achieve their commercial and technical goals.

Niki Tenev

Niki is a Solutions Architect at StorPool Storage. He worked as a System Administrator for a decade, and later on, his interest and career gradually shifted to business and product development. Together with the StorPool team, Niki helps companies build resilient and agile clouds that fit the needs of their specific projects. In his spare time, Niki practices the technique of folding clothes while people are still in them (a.k.a. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).

Pierre Charton

Pierre is in charge of Backroll integration inside CloudStack for DIMSI. Pierre has a proven track record of successful c# and Java projects. When not playing with his keyboard, Pierre is surfing, WingFoiling or bodyboarding on the Brittany coast.

The event will happen on May 4th, starting at 12pm GMT and finishing at 5pm GMT.