*The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache**®** CloudStack**®** v4.17*

Apache CloudStack is a 4.17 LTS release with 383 new features, improvements and bug fixes since 4.16, including 16 major new features. Some of the highlights include:

- IPv6 with Static Routing
- Zero Downtime Upgrades
- Virtual Router Live Patching
- CloudStack Status & management
- User Shared Networks
- StorPool storage plugin
- Storage-based Snapshots for KVM Instances
- Attach and detach features to UI for ROOT disks
- Enable CloudStack to use multiple LOCAL storage pools
- Multiple SSH Keys support
- Reserve and release Public IPs

# Documentation
The full list of new features can be found in the project release
notes at http://docs.cloudstack.apache.org/en/

The CloudStack documentation includes upgrade instructions from
previous versions of Apache CloudStack, and can be found at:

The official installation, administration and API documentation for
each of the releases are available on our documentation page:

# Downloads
The official source code for the release can be downloaded
from our downloads page: http://cloudstack.apache.org/downloads.html

In addition to the official source code release, individual
contributors have also made convenience binaries available on the
Apache CloudStack download page, and can be found at: