Hantsy Bai has announced the release of a Netbeans plugin for Apache Click. Netbeans users can now enjoy the same features provided by ClickIDE, the Eclipse based plugin.

Please note the plugin targets Netbeans 6.7.1 and might not work with earlier versions.

Features of the plugin includes:

  • Wizard for creating a new Click project
  • Wizard for creating new pages and templates
  • Quickly switch between a Page class, template and property (you can also define keyboard shortcuts for these functions)
  • Provides basic code completion, error checking, hyperlinking and refactoring for click.xml and menu.xml

Not sure if its a feature of the plugin or of Netbeans itself, but the plugin automatically recognized my existing Click projects which is a nice touch.

Here are some screenshots of the plugin in action.

• Create a new Click project:



• Create a new Click page and template:


• Switch to the Page template:



• Switch to the Page class:


• Define keyboard shortcuts for the "Go to Page Class", "Go to Page Template" and "Go to Page Properties" functions: