The latest version of ClickIDE is available. This release supports
Click 2.1.0 and Eclipse 3.5.

 ClickIDE is based on Eclipse and the Eclipse Web Tools Project (WTP),
and provides extended features for developing web applications using


Main features:

  • Fast switching between Page classes and templates (Ctrl+Alt+S)
  • Project creation wizard
  • Click page creation wizard
  • Visual editor for the Click configuration file
  • Velocity template editor
  • Spring Framework and Apache Cayenne Integration
  • Integrated Click documentation

New features and enhancements in

  • Upgraded to Cayenne to 3.0 M6.
  • Added "Use PerformanceFilter" option in the project creation
  • Added switching comment action in the Velocity editor ([CTRL] +
  • Added (*) to required attributes in the click.xml editor.