OSGi DevCon US, which is co-located with EclipseCon US, is less than two weeks away. I'm down to do a short talk on Monday 22nd entitled "Apache Aries: Enterprise OSGi in Action". I'm going to give an overview of the Apache Aries project and then give a demo or two of a few of the components (demo-gremlins permitting ;-) ). Aries has come such a long way in just 6 months and there are so many things to cram into a 25 minute session, that it's going to be difficult to know what to leave out!

Glyn Normington (the lead on the Eclipse Virgo project) and I have also proposed a joint BoF on "Application Models for OSGi". This is an area we're evolving in Aries and is also being actively discussed for standardization in the OSGi Alliance. If the BoF is accepted, our hope is to get valuable input from folks wishing to shape the direction of OSGi application models.

If you're interested in learning more about Apache Aries, or want to help shape the future of Enterprise OSGi applications, come along to the sessions, and feel free to corner me for a chat.