Ozzy (aka Andrew Osborne) and I have spent a happy couple of days developing a Blueprint tutorial  - we are going to run it at OSGi DevCon on Tuesday 23rd Feb and have 50 minutes to do it in. Ozzy has been writing the code and I have been learning more than anyone ought to ever have to know about the maven assembly plugin :-) 

We are aiming to build something that will run with a minimum of pre-reqs, however, if you are coming to the tutorial please bring:

  1. A lap top :-). We should be OK with Mac (I use it), Windows (Ozzy uses it) and Linux (we both use it).
  2. With java installed
  3. With maven installed

No network will be needed.

We will aim to commit the code to Aries after OSGi DevCon - so even if you can't make it on the day it will be available to run later, or in fact for other people to use as the basis for tutorials.


Apart from the Blueprint tutorial there is plenty of other interesting stuff going on at OSGi DevCon - looks like it will be a great day, hope to see you there!