ApacheCon Europe, held last month in Budapest, was a wonderful occasion for the OpenOffice community to gather and discuss the state of the project and future developments.

Videos and presentations from the conference are now available. See below for some presentations from the OpenOffice track.

Pictures are available too, courtesy of Michal Hrin.

OpenOffice At Apache: 2014 And Beyond - Andrea Pescetti, Apache OpenOffice PMC

It's already two years since OpenOffice graduated as a
Top Level Project at Apache. We have more than 100 million downloads
and a stable, working community at Apache. In an overall "state of the
project" talk, we will see what we accomplished so far, what worked,
what can be improved... Full Description - Slides

Doing The Write Thing: Document Editing Made Mobile (the Corinthia Project) - Louis Suárez-Potts, Age of Peers, Inc. & Peter Kelly, UX Productivity

At the Denver ApacheCon last April, I presented on
the evolution of OpenOffice, and the need for a good quality, compatible
solution for mobile devices. Participants suggested establishing a project in Apache Labs to address this problem... Full Description - Video - Slides

Anatomy Of An Apache OpenOffice Extension - Pedro Giffuni, Apache Software Foundation

Developing code within the huge, and sometimes
daunting, Apache OpenOffice code can sometimes be very difficult,
specially if you only want to add a very specific piece of code that few
people want. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the Operation
Research capabilities within Apache OpenOffice, I will try to document
the different parts of an Apache OpenOffice extension... Full Description - Slides

How to Turn Your Favorite Programming Language Into An AOO Macro Language - Rony Flatscher, WU Vienna

Apache OpenOffice (AOO) defines a scripting framework
that can be exploited to add any programming language to Apache
OpenOffice as a macro language. This presentation introduces the
necessary overview and knowhow to become able to assess the effort to
add your own favorite programming language to AOO... Full Description - Slides

The OpenOffice Localization Community - Andrea Pescetti, Apache OpenOffice PMC

The sun never sets on the OpenOffice localization
community. Volunteers from all continents help translating OpenOffice,
its documentation and its website into dozens of languages... Full Description - Slides

File Format Compatibility in Word Processors - Louis Suárez-Potts, Age
of Peers, Inc. & Peter Kelly, UX Productivity

A well-known XKCD comic parodies the industry's solution to standards
proliferation: a new, "universal" standard to replace all its
predecessors. We all know where that leads. In this talk, I'll discuss
an alternate approach that deals with the mess without creating more of
it, in the context of word processing... Full Description - Video - Slides

The Municipality Of Trieste Apache OpenOffice Migration - Davide Dozza

In 2013 the Municipality of Trieste (Italy) decided
to migrate to Apache OpenOffice. The main goal was to adopt ODF as the
document standard format for all the 1800 users on about 1550 PCs... Full Description - Slides

Collaborated Editing On ODF - Svante Schubert, OASIS ODF Advanced Collaboration Subcommittee

The OpenDocument format (ODF) consists of compressed XML
files. ODF is read and written by many Office applications; the Apache
ODF Toolkit (incubating) provides the ability of an easy automated
access... Full Description - Slides