Apache OpenOffice
continues to enjoy the user's valuation.

Recently the new record
mark of 200 million downloads was reached. The
downloads are managed by our partner SourceForge .

The high demand of the
most current release 4.1.3 - that was released in October - is an
acknowledgment of the previous work and a great motivation for the

The ongoing trust of our
users is also a thankful expression to all people who put their personal
spare time and effort into the project and software.

But of course there are
more ways to distribute Apache OpenOffice. The most common one is to
download the binary packages from one of the many mirror servers. But
also printed magazines with an included DVD are possible, you can get
it from your neighbors, friends, coworkers, it's part of free
software collections, and many more ways we can think of.

You don't need a
permission or even registration to use or copy Apache OpenOffice as
it is free and open source software.
However, this makes it also difficult to get meaningful numbers of
actual users. It's not measurable if a download stands for a single
user or an installation in a larger network.

Furthermore it's not known
if Apache OpenOffice was downloaded the first time or it's an update
for a previous installed version. Much more interesting to know is
that the statistics show a steady download of 100,000 every day.

It's safe to say that
Apache OpenOffice has one of the highest user base in the world of
free software projects. And for this we want to say Thank You!