A few days ago we have seen with great pleasure that the bar of more than 333 million downloads of Apache OpenOffice® was exceeded. The count is from 2011 until today and it includes all 4.1.x releases.

Please note that there are much more ways to get OpenOffice than just via our partner SourceForge.net or alternative servers hosted by Apache itself. You need to consider also copies on CDs, DVDs and download portals of online magazines. So, actually the real number is much higher.

The following are a few statistics to show some more details.

Downloads from 2011 until today


Downloads by country

Rank  Country/Territory     Downloads
1     United States        55,515,897
2     France               44,394,981
3     Germany              34,939,475
4     Italy                28,173,104
5     Spain                17,131,245
6     Russia               15,178,537
7     United Kingdom       14,903,050
8     Poland               14,457,642
9     Japan                13,852,054
10    Canada                8,435,395

Downloads by operating system

Rank  OS            Downloads
1     Windows     297,992,216
2     Macintosh    31,625,280
3     Linux         4,744,249