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The Apache OpenOffice project (formerly OpenOffice.org) is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Apache 4.0.1.  Building upon the success of our award-winning Apache OpenOffice 4.0 release, which was well-received by both users and reviewers, the 4.0.1 maintenance update brings new translations, performance enhancements and bug fixes. 

You can download OpenOffice 4.0.1 from our download page

New translations introduced in this release are:  Basque, 

Serbian Cyrillic,
Traditional Chinese,
Turkish and
Vietnamese.   It is an important part of our Public Service Mission to support, with help from our translation volunteers, minority and regional languages that are typically ignored by commercial vendors.   We now ship OpenOffice in 32 languages.  With your help we could support many more. 

This update also includes many bug fixes, including performance fixes.  For example, one common scenario saving Microsoft Excel files was sped up 230%.   A repaint issue reported by several 4.0.0 users was fixed.  In general the most common issues reported by 4.0.0 users are fixed in this update.  A full list of changes can be found in the Release Notes.   

In parallel with work on 4.0.1 the project has also been working on 4.1.0 items.  Although no date has been set for this release, areas of focus include:  improved interoperability with Microsoft Office, integration of IAccesible2 accessibility support, and (of course) new translations and bug fixes.